For every situation a solution: the Omikron concept


 Manual Omikron Concept

Extra Cover

Protects and preserves the already rock-solid fixture in a polluting enviroment.

(Standard on Zeus as well as the 50 000 hour warranty module)


Corner elements

With these corners you redesign your rock-solid Omikrons into the magical Apollo.


Suspension cable inox

1,5 metres



High clamp inox

Extended space for exsisting cables

screw locking



 locking without tools


Low clamp inox


Design Mirror


Emergency fixture

Plug & Play

Approach detection

Plug & Play

Connection clamp inox

Connection tube


Connection Cable

1, 2, 3 of 5 metres



2 metres





Cable Clamp Inox Instead of screws                              



Universal suspension kit

3 metres, automatic adjustment



Holding force:


40 mm: 80 kg





25 mm: 25 kg




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