Internet of things


1) On-Off

With our extremely high efficiency lighting, you come to the right place at Paradin. When there is the proper discipline and you can overlook the number of areas in your company, then a standard light switch is an excellent solution.


2) Motion detectors and sensors:

The signal from the government and Europe is clear, we need to save energy. If you wish to validate your right to receive subsidy or compensation, you must rely on sensors that detect the absence for you and, if necessary, switch off the lighting. Paradin uses a combination of sound sensors and motion detectors for this. Especially in an industrial environment caution is recommended here, an absence detection is optimal if it can’t result to annoying flicker and dangerous situations.


3) The Internet of Things:

Paradin has focused mainly on a rock-solid quality and an extremely high efficiency as well as light quality and comfort, read: "no shadow". Automatically off switches and control of lighting in itself is not a sinecure. The type and programming of the sensors have a very important role in this. With standard sensors you can achieve standard results.
In cooperation with Panasonic, Paradin has developed a detection that provide benefits that can be very convincing. In the first place, such a monitoring offers the advantage of a camera and security system. The fact that we connect this on the same mobile platform where a real-life overview can be obtained with all sorts of possible data and also the facility to control, steer and automate external energy consumers (not just lighting). All that on a single platform makes this system the must-have of the future. The practical realization of "The internet of Things" becomes a fact.

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