Industrial lighting at a fair price





The Apollo: our showpiece!

The ideal replacement for 460 Watt High Bay Lights. Due to the extremely high efficiency, it is only necessary to replace 60% of the High Bay fittings to obtain the same light output. In combination with a power consumption of 208 Watt, this means an energy saving of 75%, and twice as much light.


  The future, today...

170 LM/W


Omikron 1500  Technical specifications

1500 mm

8845 lm

4845 K

50 - 55 W

Omikron 1200  Technical specifications

1200 mm

6120 lm

4845 K

30 - 36 W

Omikron 600  Technical specifications

600 mm

2720 lm

4845 K

15 - 18 W



Paradin Office solutions



Panel Light  Technical specifications

600 mm x 600 mm

4100 lm

4845 K

36 W

Panel Light  Technical specifications

1200 mm x 300 mm

4600 lm

4845 K

40 W


Paradin outside

50 – 500 W



Paradin has several high-efficiency solutions for outdoor lighting.

To light up your parking, your outdoor area or for your building.

Contact us for more information on specific solutions.



Public lighting:

Which luminare could be better suited to public lighting than the Omikron? The luminaire that has proven its solidity in all industrial areas and even applicable in explosion-free environments. Municipalities and governments can buy their lighting directly with us and tailor-made for each application. The basic choice consists of the 3 standard power of the Omikron range, in all possible combinations, each time with the extremely high output 170lm / W.


Extremely powerful, unmatched economical

The Omikron product line is specifically designed to meet to the needs of the professional customer with the guiding principle: quality, simplicity and flexibility.

Thanks to the high luminous intensity per luminaire you can obtain the same light output as an existing installation with fewer luminaires. Coupled to the exceptionally high efficiency of 170 lm / W,  this means a drastic reduction of energy consumption.

Omikron is developed from the start to be competitive with the existing range of conventional lighting in terms of TCO. Therefore it is a profitable investment throughout its life: the purchase, installation, usage and maintenance.


Multifunctional design

Omikron is characterized by timeless, robust design where function and style are perfectly matched to each other. The smart Plug & Play system allows for easy installation that saves time and money. Luminaires can be flexibly integrated into a larger whole through corners and dummy elements.

Accessories such as motion detectors and emergency lighting can be connected to the same plug & play connections. High brightness combined with a good range provide optimal illumination even when the fixtures are placed at a high level in the room.

Optional, replaceable covers provide additional protection, easy maintenance and can be fitted with special coating. The luminaire can be used in virtually any industrial workplace - even in dirty and dusty places - and allows for uniformity within one company. Thanks to the Plug & Play system it is easily expandable with motion detection and emergency lighting.


Reliable through focus

In the development of the Omikron concept we have only focused on the aspects that really matter.

That is why our fixtures are not equipped with dimming or optics. Dimming in industrial enviroments is and will be obsolete in time as efficiency grows. Optics deliver an unpleasant "torch like" light. These developments reduce the total efficiency of the luminaire. Moreover, they increase the cost, complexity, and sensitivity to error, which leads to higher placement and maintenance costs.

As a result, the necessary ROI/TCO cannot be achieved. We are convinced that easier is better for our customers.

Robust due to simplicity, fewer variables in the components means fewer defects. The aluminium housing ensures proper cooling and increases the lifetime of the LEDs. Glued silicone seals close perfectly to protect them.

Therefore Paradin offers a standard 5 year "no bullshit "warranty.


Omikron is designed to follow the technological evolution while retaining its essential characteristics and external appearance. Existing installations can be expanded seamlessly into the future while still benefitting from any improvement in efficiency and quality.
We use a unit price in which all supplies such as brackets and fasteners are included.

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