TechniczTechnicz is the parent company and operates as a reliable partner of Paradin performing the placement and installation of Paradin projects.


Electrical engineering is a complex but exciting field . With over 25 years of experience we are known as a reliable advisor and partner to install, connect, repair and maintain electrical (new or existing) installations. Below you will find a brief summary of our activities:

  • Refresh / restore power cabins
  • Refresh / restoring low and high voltage installations
  • Refresh / recover from CNC controlled machines, both electrical and mechanical
  • Installation of lighting projects
  • Etc.


Technicz - DiagnoseThe diagnosis of faults is crucial. On this basis a decision will be taken for the recovery. This diagnosis is therefore very important for repairing faults as quickly and effectively as possible.
Experience shows that there is a small problem at the base with most major malfunctions and therefore we can solve 90% of the problems locally, cost effective.
There are always exceptions, but these cases are usually already known by you before you contact us.





Technicz - ElektronicaComplex control circuits!
More than 80% of the controls are successfully repaired by us ... at affordable rates.
But do not worry, for the remaining 20% we ensure, through a cooperation with specialized partners for a solution.





Mechanica - techniczWe have an extensive workshop with  a mechanics department and an extensive network of suppliers for specific fields. This enables us to resolve most mechanical problems quickly and efficiently. Hydraulics and pneumatics also belong to our fields and we have a wide range of parts in our warehouse.

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