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What if a manufacturer commits itself to producing appliances aiming at the longest possible lifespan, as little as possible maintenance and the highest possible efficiency?

Meet "Paradin":

We stand for innovative lighting of very high quality and strive with our products to reduce the ecological footprint.



Lighting is eminently suitable to achieve that goal. LED technology allows to achieve a massive reduction in energy consumption and pollution. But we can only achieve our goal if you cooperate.

Our product and business model aims to give as much of the gains in efficiency as possible to our customers. No endless list of product variants, accessories and extras you do not need, no unnecessary steps in the supply chain that drive costs up.

Future sustainability

Omikron is designed to follow the technological evolution while retaining its essential characteristics and external appearance. Existing installations can be expanded seamlessly into the future while still benefitting from every improvement in efficiency.

Fixed outer dimensions

Tight, practical and compact design makes the Omikron a highly flexible lighting solution. Suitable now and far into the future.

Standard colour temperature

Omikron always delivers bright white light. Pleasant and productive. Now and in the future.

The same high light output

For us good quality light means the combination of high quality light (no lenses), evenly spread light and high lumen without blinding.

This means increasing the Lumen output/cm² is a no-go. 

Very high efficiency of 170 lm / W

204lm/w LEDs and a high efficiency driver and without unnecessary ballast.

Consistent standards for reliability

On average: double the amount of LEDs=half the energy per LED, in combination with aluminum frame and PCB, IP65 or better, IK08 or better, 5 year warranty or more.


Lighting technology is evolving rapidly. However, innovation should lead to measurable improvements: both for performance and the totality of the lighting solution.
Our years of experience give us a unique insight into the needs of our customers.

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