Warranty and lighting maintenance


With our slogan "The light for life" Paradin also places the deed at the word.

Unfortunately, it is technically not feasible to exclude all defects.

A faulty fixture is always annoying for our customers and to ease this inconvenience you also get a new fixture in advance, so you can replace the defective fixture immediately and be returned afterwards.

We started at the time with a guarantee of 2 years and we increased this to 5 years.

To this date, we have tacitly extended the warranty so that no customer has ever had extra costs on his initial installation.

From January 2019 we will break this silence and officially grant a guarantee of minimum 10 years

(This warranty is valid on all Paradin products, the Omikron range as well as the Helios panels and accessories. Products purchased externally by us retain the warranty specific to their producer)


Extra Cover

Paradin - BOCHOLT - Service

Where pollution is strong or aggressive, we recommend to equip the luminaires with our "Extra Cover". The extra cover is easily attached and functions as a buffer that protects the luminaire from damage and pollution.

At any time this extra cover can be cleaned or replaced so your luminaire stays as good as new.



For areas where the pollution is dusty, we have a telescopic brush (with a maximum of 5 meters) that allows you to clean each luminaire from the floor. A short cleaning annually is enough in this situation to ensure maximum efficiency.


Yearly maintenance

For customers who wish this, Paradin offers a maintenance contract where we come every year or on request to keep your lighting levels efficient.

During this maintenance the fixtures and additional covers are checked and cleaned.



Do you have any questions about our maintenance? Then contact industrial lighting Paradin and we will help you immediately.

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