Why Paradin?

We received these images from one of our most critical customers, Albert Theunissen. A special thank you goes to him. He put our lighting to the test and compared our Helios backlit panel with a sidelite panel of the same power. Look at the pictures and see for yourself.

With the naked eye they look more or less the same, but look at the results in the video ...


LED panel x                      Helios panel 



Experience & service

As a spin-off of Rapid Tek we have an experience of over 25 years with an excellent track record and proven reliability.

Paradin follows the same thorough process and likewise we stand for smart and practical solutions that really help the customer. A fast and good service is self-evident. The customer comes to us. That is how we have built our reputation over the years.




Focus & advice

We focus exclusively on the issues that really matter to our customers. This is reflected both in the technical aspects of our products and the services we offer.

Because we are convinced that this is the best for our customers.

Our experience allows us to clearly inform customers so that they can choose the right product for their situation.



Transparance & innovation

We believe in simplicity, not in unnecessary complexity. This is not only reflected in our product vision, but also in our pricing and our business. Lighting Technology is evolving rapidly. The boundaries of what is possible are moving every day.

However, innovation should go together with measurable improvements. Not only in performance, but also for the entirety of the lighting solution. Our products are consciously designed to be future-proof. If you choose Paradin, you can be sure that you will benefit from technological improvements while you build on your existing installation.




The timeless and practical design of our products reflects our unique philosophy. Robust due to simplicity, flexibility and without compromise. From the first designs we take the total cost of ownership and the location of lighting in a larger whole into account.

This makes our lighting a profitable investment throughout the life of the product: purchase, installation, usage and maintenance.

Are you looking for answers why exactly you should choose Paradin? Please contact us.

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