The Omikron LED luminaire:
consumes 5x less energy!

  • requires 50% fewer luminaires than originally necessary for the same light output.

  • Efficiency of 170 lm / W, an energy saving of 80% is not an exception.

  • Unique warranty system .

  • Built-in overheat protection (Zeus).

  • Modular system that can replace all kinds of business lighting with one type of fixture.

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One fixture - a thousand possibilities.
Suitable for almost any industrial application.

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Paradin - BOCHOLT - Licht aan / Licht uit

Light on / light off

A difference of day and night.

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1 Product, 1000-en possibilities.

Modular system.

Paradin - BOCHOLT - Modulair systeem 

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Simple installation.

Paradin - BOCHOLT - Simpele installatie

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Easy to expand.

Paradin - BOCHOLT - Eenvoudig uit te breiden

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